Lease Elements

Lease Elements
Move-in/out inspection form
Qualifying To Rent (uniformly fair & unique)
Early termination notice 83.57
83.682 terminating rental by service member
Tenant guaranty of lease terms
Guaranty of lease
Utility addendum
Americans with disabilities act guidelines
Short sale addendum (if applicable)
Security deposit (reviewed with tenant)
Check out inspection requirements addendum
Late payment/payment forgiveness policy
Maintenance request – responsibility agreement Appliance addendum
Pet addendum (always completed )
HOA/condo owner’s rules & regulations
Key receipts disclaimer (clarifies acceptance)
Smoke, strobe/emergency light, fire/security
Mold/mildew disclosure (limiting liability)
Pest control addendum – 83.51
Lead based paint warning (for pre-1978)
Aamerican multi-disclosure –I work for owner
Inventory addendum – pictures or list
Liability addendum (general hold harmless)
Septic system disclosure (if applicable)

Private well notification (if applicable)
Sales tax addendum ( tenant always informed) Drug/crime free addendum
Rental application (for credit/background)
Rental reservation agreement

Option to cancel contract for sale of real estate 83.49 deposits/advance rent – duties
Limited services agreement for yard care
Limited services for pool/hot tub care

Pool/pond/ocean liability addendum
Rule 69a-60.0081 truss marking rule addendum When notice for eviction is filed –disclosure
Agreement to correct errors
Damages to premises
Non-smoking: agrees to comply with policy
Additional resident occupancy safeguards
Specific liability addendum (pools/pond)